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What is Dogs on Deployment?

Dogs on Deployment is an online, listing resource and network for military members to search for volunteers who are willing to board their pets while they’re deployed.

How does Dogs on Deployment work?

Dogs on Deployment allows military members register to list their Pets in Need and volunteers to register as DoD Boarders to offer their homes to Pets in Need. Once an account is created, Pet Owners and DoD Boarders will be able to contact each other and make boarding arrangements.

Does Dogs on Deployment choose a DoD Boarder for a Pet in Need?

No. Dogs on Deployment is a listing site only. DoD does not create boarding arrangements and is not responsible for any outcome of a boarding arrangement. Pet Owners have the responsibility of choosing a DoD Boarder they are comfortable with entrusting their pets’ care to.

How long does boarding usually last?

A DoD Boarder has the ability to list themselves as available for boarding for less than 1 month, 1-3 months, 4-6 months or greater than 7 months. A typical deployment lasts anywhere from 6-12 months and is subject to change depending on military needs. However, we occasionally do have military members than need short term boarding. Therefore, do not exclude yourself from our program because you cannot board for an entire length of a deployment; there might be someone out there that needs boarding for week long military commitments too!

What if the date for boarding has already passed for a Pet in Need?

DoD does its best to keep our listed Pets in Need active by keeping in contact with the Pet Owners. Boarding dates are usually an approximate date for boarding, as deployment schedules often change. Pet Owners might be overwhelmed with preparing to deploy, and forget to update their profiles. Its best to consider the "Last Logged In" date as well; this will give you an indication of how recent the Pet Owner has been looking for a DoD Boarder. All Pet Owner accounts which have been inactive for 2 months will be automatically removed from our database in order to help DoD Boarders find Pets in Need whose owners are actively searching for help. If in doubt about a Pet Owner's requirement for boarding based on a passed boarding date, its best to send them an email just in case. 

What if a pet is not spayed or neutered?

Dogs on Deployment highly recommends that all pets are spayed and neutered as soon as they come to age. It is not a requirement to list on Dogs on Deployment that your pet is spayed or neutered, however some DoD Boarders may not agree to board any unaltered pets. DoD Boarders may ask that your pet is altered before boarding begins. In order to best ensure the safety and well-being of any pet during boarding and for the rest of its life, please ensure pets are spayed or neutered.

Does Dogs on Deployment adopt pets?

No. Dogs on Deployment connects military members with temporary homes. We do not permanently rehome any pet. If you are interested in surrendering your pet, please contact your local no-kill rescue group.

Who pays for a pet’s care while its owner is deployed?

The owner remains financially responsible for any pet being boarded by a DoD Boarder. The pet owner is responsible for covering expenses related to pet care such as, but not limited to, food, veterinarian expenses, toys, supplies, etc. See our for more information regarding financial responsibility of the Pet Owner.

Does a DoD Boarder get paid for boarding a Pet in Need?

DoD Boarders cannot request payment for boarding a pet. The only monetary exchange between Pet Owner and DoD Boarder should be to cover expenses directly relating to the pet’s care. A boarding “fee” is not authorized. If you are a professional boarding facility that would like to advertise your services, please register as a DoD Vendor.

What are the requirements to become a DoD Boarder?

Anyone can register to become a DoD Boarder. The only requirement DoD has is that your leasing agency is notified if you begin to board a pet and will allow the pet you are going to board on the premises. This would include the pet meeting any breed and size requirements and staying within the maximum number of pets allowed. If you’re a home-owner, there must be no HOA or county restrictions of the type of pet you will be boarding (Breed Restriction Legislation). Pet Owners may have additional requirements for a home. For example, they may require a home without other dogs, or one that has a yard. This will be dependent on the needs of the Pet Owner and Pet in Need.

How do I become a DoD Boarder, DoD Vendor or list my Pet in Need?

Find your account type on our homepage to navigate to the respective registration form. You must complete the registration form. You will receive an email with an activation link after you’ve created your account which you must click in order to have access to log into your account. Ensure you check your junk folder if you did not receive the email. If you did not receive your activation link, but created an account, email

What if there is an injury or accident to the pet while the owner is deployed?

If a pet is injured or involved in an accident during the owner’s deployment and while in a DoD Boarder’s care, it is the DoD Boarder’s responsibility to immediately take the pet to a veterinarian for evaluation. Pet Owners will remain financially responsible in case such incident, assuming the DoD Boarder did everything to prevent such an accident and was providing reasonable, proper care to the pet. The Pet Owner should have a Veterinarian Release Form already submitted to their veterinarian office before they deploy. This can be found in our .

How can I volunteer?

If you have the time, space and commitment to board military pets, please register as a DoD Boarder and use our network proactively to offer military pets a home in their owner's absence.

Can I volunteer for DoD Events?

Yes. Occasionally Dogs on Deployment is invited to community events where we require volunteers to sign up and help us work an event. Check out our Events page for upcoming opprotunities.

Does Dogs on Deployment have regional chapters?

No. Dogs on Deployment is a networking site for military pet owners to find volunteers willing to board their pets while they're on deployment. We do not have any offices or chapters.

I am receiving an Invalid Token error when I try to register or log in.

This is due to a programming error on our server that our web design team is currently investigation. Please try to close and refresh your page and try to register or log in again. If you still receive the error, try using a different type of browser (IE, Chrome, Safari, etc). If this does not fix the problem, please notify us of the problem.

Need more advice?

If you are a DoD Boarder or are considering registering to become a DoD Boarder, visit our for additional information on our program.

If you are a Pet Owner and have listed your pet or are considering listing your pet, visit our for additional information on our program.



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