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updatedThe below Pets represent those military members and their pets who Dogs on Deployment has helped through connecting with a DoD Boarder or DoD Registered Organization, or provided financial assistance to. The information is as true and correct as we understand it, however it is not guaranteed. We rely on our Pet Owners and DoD Boarders to update their accounts truthfully. If a discrepancy is noted, email . To ensure our successfully Deployed Pets are properly tracked, please notify Dogs on Deployment any time a boarding arrangement has been made through our network by .

Your donations, shares and support help this organization succeed and directly impacts the pets you see below.

Deployed Pet No. 259: Sam's dog, Winston, was boarded during July 2013 in Long Valley, NJ.
Deployed Pet No. 258: Mitchell's dog, Bam Bam, was boarded during July 2013 in Portsmouth, VA.
Deployed Pet No. 257: Thomas' dog, Zoe Jane, was boarded during July 2013 in San Diego, CA.
Deployed Pets No. 255-256: Jason's dogs, Yoda and Leia, were boarded during May 2013 in Las Cruces, NM.
Deployed Pet No. 254: Brianna's cat, Leia, was boarded during January 2013 in Crowley, TX.
Assisted Pet No. 253: Molly's dog, Dillard, was a stray found by the president of Dogs on Deployment. Dillard was adopted to his military family in San Diego, CA in partnership with Dogs on Deployment. Dogs on Deployment sponsored Dillard's neuter and vaccinations. Dillard was a contender in the 2013 DoD Mascot Competition.
Deployed Pet No. 252: Dena's dog, Katie, was boarded during July 2013 in Ft. Hood, TX.
Deployed Pet No. 251: Samona's dog, Nahla, was boarded during July 2013 in Somerset, NJ.
  Deployed Pet No. 250: Shane's dog, Ally, was boarded during July 2013 in Wilmington, DE.
Deployed and Assisted Pets No. 248-249: Lucy's dogs, Vampira and Primo, were boarded during June 2013 in Centerville, VA. Due to financial difficulty by their reservist owner, Dogs on Deployment sponsored Primo's neuter surgery.
  Assisted Pet No. 247: Andrew's dog, Bruno, was surrendered by a family member to an animal shelter while Andrew was in the process of moving out of state. He did not have the financial means to pull his dog from the shelter and ship Bruno to his new address under the emergency conditions. Dogs on Deployment sponsored Bruno's travel.
Deployed Pet No. 246: Dustin's dog, Diezel, was boarded during July 2013 in Crestview, FL.
Deployed Pet No. 245: Gregory's dog, Samurai, was boarded during June 2013 in
Deployed Pet No. 244: Kendrick's dog, Bailey, was boarded during June 2013 in Alexandria, VA.  
  Deployed Pets No. 242-243: Jason's dogs, Levi and Bella, were boarded during April 2013 in Tijeras, NM.
Deployed Pet No. 241: Mark's dog, Brandy, was boarded during July 2013 in McLean, VA.
Deployed Pet No. 240: Allison's dog, Caine, was boarded during June 2013 in Fort Meade, MD.
Deployed Pets No. 238-239: Richard's dogs, Goldie and Zoey, were boarded during June 2013 in Niceville, FL.
Deployed Pet No: 236-237: Teshik's dogs, Finding Nemo and PuYi, were boarded during June 2013 in Huntsville, AL.
Deployed Pet No. 235: Eric's dog, Pfeffer, was boarded during July 2013 in Gulf Breeze, FL.


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I was grateful to find DoD and a way to support our military families. We boarded Sammy and Biscuit from May through December 2012 in Edinburg, TX...."

Lynn and Jerry Fischer (Edinburg, TX)

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