Emergency Pet Boarding: Did you Know?

Every year, disaster strikes various parts of the country. Tornado alley during storm season. Hurricanes along the Eastern Seaboard. And, with weather getting more and more violent and unpredictable, it’s only smart to be prepared.

12065612_866507023418556_1625893803527395919_nOne of the parts of the country often hit hardest with disaster is California. Between earthquakes and wildfires, animals can easily be displaced, due to disaster.

We have written about emergency preparedness before, but did you know that, as a military member, displaced by emergency, you can post your pet for emergency fostering?

Register your pet with Dogs on Deployment, and find a safe place for your pet if you’ve ever been displaced for any reason.

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  1. Not sure if you are still doing this if notaybe u could guide me..want to help family stay together.. From military family.. So I get the deportation problem.. Pets help keep family’s.. I have 2acears..room to foster dog..cat but I will let it out..have raised both Shepard’s and Rottweiler prefer rotts but i my best was a mutt..currently have corgi..great with other.. And couple of cats..grandchildren.. Otherwise just me and Tom.,.could use purpose other than just work..8126317865

    1. DEAR LAURA:

      Thank you for supporting our military personnel and your kind words about Dogs on Deployment. We appreciate your interest! If anyone would like to help a military member in need of this foster program, please visit http://www.dogsondeployment.org to register as a DoD Boarder.

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