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Pet Chit Financial Assistance Request

Dogs on Deployment promotes life-long, responsible pet-ownership by providing military members the ability to find boarding homes during service commitments. Additionally, we want to make sure your pet's good health is not only a priority, but achievable. We understand on military pay, providing both essential and emergency care for your pets can be challenging. In order to help ensure you have peace of mind regarding your pet's care, we offer a Pet Chit.

In order to help ensure our military members and their pets are always well-cared for, Dogs on Deployment uses a portion of its donations to provide financial assistance to qualifying military members for help with pet care during times of need. It is no surprise that a military lifestyle can be challenging on an individual and family, and an unexpected pet expense may cause undue stress before an upcoming service commitment. Our goal with our Pet Chit Financial Assistance Program is to give a helping hand financially to those in need.

Pet Chit may be granted to E-6 ranks and below. Some veterans may qualify on an individual basis. Pet Chits may not be awarded to E-7 ranks or above. Pet Chits will be awarded at the discretion of Dogs on Deployment.

A military member may apply for a Pet Chit for the following general purposes:

  • Annual exam before deployment
  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Yearly vaccinations before deployment
  • Micro-chipping
  • Pet food or supplies
  • Emergency treatment or care
  • Emergency boarding fees
  • Overseas airline travel costs for PCS
  • Quarantine costs
  • Other, at the discretion of Dogs on Deployment

Penelope and Molly, who are owned by an active duty military member, were awarded a Pet Chit to assist with the costs of their spay surgeries.

Penelope and Molly

A Pet Chit Award may be given pre-deployment, or in a time of emergency such as an unexpected illness or injury, help with emergency boarding, homelessness or other extreme financial circumstance, or transportation costs associated with an emergency or general PCS move.

All entries for a Pet Chit will be reviewed by Dogs on Deployment. There is no guarantee your Pet Chit will be approved. Money cannot be paid to an individual. Money will be paid directly to a veterinarian office or service provider. Full payment for a service is not guaranteed. Dogs on Deployment does not reimburse for services already paid for by owner, only future services. DoD will take into consideration applicant's rank, dependent status, amount of request, purpose of request and other factors when determining if, and how much a Pet Chit Award will be. Pet Chits will be granted on a need-only basis and when funding is available.

Submissions will be reviewed and you will be notified whether your request is approved or denied within 2 weeks from submission date. If you have any questions regarding this program, please email

  • Pet Chit Financial Assistance

Personal Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Branch of Service:
Military Status:
Years in Service:

Household Information

Marital Status?
Approximate Total Household Annual Income for current fiscal year after taxes
Do you have children?
Do you have an upcoming deployment, PCS or other military commitment?
Are you using or intending to use a DoD Boarder?
Why do you require a Pet Chit Award? (Maximum 2500 char)
What will you do if you are not awarded a Pet Chit? How will you pay for the needed service? (Maximum 2500 char)

Request Information

Purpose of request:
Total cost of treatment or procedure
Total amount actually requested from DoD
Do you have any active fundraising campaigns for this request's purpose? (Ex:,,, etc).
Have you applied for financial assistance from any other organization for this request's purpose?

Pets Information

Verification Documents

Copy of active military member’s Leave and Earning Statement
Require copy of government issued ID
Copy of estimated invoice cost from veterinarian/boarding facility/airline for final unpaid bill