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Guidance for DoD Organizations

Dogs on Deployment humbly welcomes rescue groups and other military-pet foster programs to join our network as a DoD Organization. By partnering with other national and local organizations with pre-existing foster networks, we hope to build a one-stop site for military pet owners to come to for assistance regarding their pets during military commitments.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is a DoD Organization?

A DoD Organization must be an incorporated, licensed and/or non-profit organization that has a pre-existing pet foster network, or a growing pet foster network, which wishes to open their resources to military pets.

Why would I want to become a DoD Organization?

Military members lead non-standard lives compared to their civilian counterparts. Deployments, constant moves, inconsistent schedules, living requirements and other lifestyle difficulties can make pet ownership tough for military members. This does not mean that military members should not be allowed to own pets, nor does it mean that they can’t be responsible pet owners. It simply means that they might need assistance with their pets so that they might serve our country.

What are the benefits of becoming a DoD Organization?

As the fastest growing military-pet resource site, Dogs on Deployment aims at integrating within military communities for all branches of service at a local and national level. From finding boarding homes for their pets during military commitments, researching PCS requirements for their pets, applying for financial assistance when facing difficult times, to obtaining educational resources about pet-ownership in the military, Dogs on Deployment is a one-stop source for military pet owners. By partnering in our efforts to help military pets, your organization will have the opportunity to get in contact with military pet owners who you can help.

Dogs on Deployment will also promote your organization’s contribution to the military-pet network by giving your organization an honorable mention on our social media sites whenever a successful placement has been made!

How does the DoD Organization Program work?

By becoming a DoD Organization, your organization will be listed in our database of pet foster homes which registered military Pet Owners have access to. Your profile will be listed as a DoD Organization, which sets it apart from individual DoD Boarder profiles. You will be able to create a profile with specific descriptive information about your organization, foster services and availability. Pet Owners will be able to contact you directly to ask for help. Once communication has been initiated by a Pet Owner, you will be able to contact the Pet Owner via DoD messaging to coordinate boarding through your network. In order to protect the privacy of Pet owners, DoD Organizations may not directly email Pet Owners unless they are first contacted.

What are the requirements to become a DoD Organization?

Any 501(c)(3) organization or a business which offers free military pet boarding during deployments or military commitments may apply to become a DoD Organization. We ask our DoD Organization Partners to proudly display our DoD Partnership Badge on your website. If your organization ends up taking over the care of a military pet found through our website, it is required that you notify us of the arrangement, and consider the arrangement a shared success between your organization and Dogs on Deployment. When promoting shared successes on our social media sites, Dogs on Deployment will always credit the DoD Organization in partnership. We ask that our DoD Organizations respect our network and users by not soliciting for donations or services outside our mission scope. Dogs on Deployment reserves the right to accept or deny any organization from using our networking service, and can deactivate any DoD Organization account which does not comply with our networking guidelines.

How do I become a DoD Organization?

In order to register as a DoD Organization,click here to be directed to our registration form. After registration is complete, you will receive an email with an activation to the registered email. This link must be clicked in order for your profile to be made public.