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Sponsorship Opportunities

Those who choose to serve our country demonstrate honor, courage, and commitment every day, sacrificing for the greater good. Throughout their military career, however, there can be times when that sacrifice negatively impacts those they love, including their pets.

Military service commitments can sometimes leave brave men and women at an unfortunate crossroad. Whether a deployment, permanent change of station or a temporary assignment, pets can be at risk of abandonment. To help military members in their time of need and to minimize the surrendering of animals to local shelters, Dogs on Deployment (DoD) provides a key resource to this very important community. By connecting individuals and families who are willing to board pets with military members in need, DoD provides a much-needed link that gives everyone peace of mind, human and animal.

National Sponsorship

Dogs on Deployment relies on the socially conscious companies to support our missions on a national level. Our National Sponsorships start at $2500 and up. National Sponsors will receive maximum exposure with our organization through our social media, press relations, advertising and more. Your company will be forefronted as a mission supporter, with a target audience featuring the best of the American populace; those that support their troops, and those that love animals.

Get to use this pawsome badge to show your support for Dogs on Deployment! Click here to download our 2017 Sponsorship Package.

Local Sponsorship

Dogs on Deployment is a national organization, but is establishing local chapters across the country to grow a local presence near all major metropolitan areas and military towns. We are a grass-roots based non-profit, with an emphasis on our community presense. Local Sponsorships are perfect for small to medium businesses looking to increase their presence in the community through positive works. With levels starting at $150, our Local Sponsors give companies the ability to give a little, to receive a lot. Support your local DoD chapter, and build a relationship with the "boots on the ground" who make our mission a local success.

Get to use this pawsome badge to show your support for Dogs on Deployment! Click here to download our 2017 Sponsorship Package.

For the Common Love of Dog and Country

Dogs on Deployment is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provides an online network for service members to search for volunteers willing to board their pets during service commitments.

Dogs on Deployment promotes responsible, life-long pet ownership by advocating for military pet owner rights, providing educational resources and granting financial assistance for military pet owners during times of emergency. We rely on the public’s good will and the dedicated support of businesses like yours to ensure the success of our mission and the organization’s future. By sponsoring Dogs on Deployment, you will directly impact military members and their pets by improving morale, stability and overall livelihood.

  • DoD Boarders, or volunteer foster homes, are located in all 50 states
  • Successfully placed nearly 1050 pets to-date
  • Over $325,000 in awards to military families in need (Pet Chit Financial Assistance Program for emergency, pet related expenses)
  • Review our 2016 Financial Report

Increase Your Brand Loyalty

By sponsoring Dogs on Deployment, you are not only supporting a highly-respected organization, but you are also putting your name in front of a key, socially-conscious demographic. With exposure around the country and expanding every day, DoD can offer the opportunity to get your name in front a large consumer base with high buying power. By expanding your reach within our communities, you can increase your brand awareness and loyalty, further strengthening your brand image.

Sponsorship of our organization will not only get your name identified with our notable cause but also motivate our supporters to support your company. For the common love of dog and country, consider sponsoring Dogs on Deployment.

Support Our Projects

Dogs on Deployment has several projects which we are currently looking for sponsors to assist with. The following are projects where your support could allow us to achieve our goals:

  • Background checks for registered DoD Boarders to give maximum security and peace of mind for military pet owners looking for assistance.
  • Development of a mobile application to increase networking activity, leading to more successfully fostered military pets.
  • Ongoing infrastructure improvements to Dogs on Deployment's online website.
  • Web-based training courses to DoD Boarders to assist them with pet-related issues that may arise during boarding due to common problems like separation anxiety.
  • Accomplishment of annual financial audits to ensure our donors of our dedication to fiscal responsibility and transparency.
  • Direction and release a video commercial of Dogs on Deployment's purpose to increase public awareness about our organization.
  • On-going support of Pet Chit Financial Assistance Program, providing military families grants to help with their pet's care in times of need.

Support Dogs on Deployment today.