Terms of Use

Dogs on Deployment may modify this agreement and its terms and conditions, and such modified agreement shall be effective immediately upon posting. Your continued access to or use of this website shall be deemed your conclusive acceptance of the agreement and its terms and conditions and any modifications thereto.

Member Requirements

The following requirements must be maintained for all DoD member's profiles and pet listings:

  • Any profile must contain enough information that a potential DoD Boarder or Pet Owner can learn about the household or Pet in Need in order to accurately determine whether or not a suitable arrangement can be made before contacting the DoD Boarder or Pet Owner.
  • Links to pages outside of Dogs on Deployment may only be included in DoD Registered Organizations and DoD Vendor Profiles. Links in DoD Boarder or Pet Owner Profiles are prohibited.
  • No advertising or links to pages outside of Dogs on Deployment are allowed unless registered as a DoD Vendor and included in the DoD Vendor profile.
  • The member's DoD Account for a DoD Boarder, Pet in Need, DoD Registered Organization and DoD Vendor must be kept up to date.
  • If a DoD Boarder, Pet Owner, DoD Registered Organization or DoD Vendor no longer can participate in our program or no longer needs to, it is their responsibility to deactivate their account.
  • Auto pop-up windows to other pages/sites and/or auto-downloading software (such as but not limited to hotbar, comet cursor, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Any images uploaded to our site can be used in any Dogs on Deployment's advertising campaign on the internet, Facebook and print.
  • No profanity, specific mission details in violation of OPSEC or harassment of any kind is allowed to be included in a profile.
  • Contact between members is to be related to DoD’s mission only.
  • You must be at least 18 years or older to register or make a purchase on DoD.
  • All emails sent through Dogs on Deployment are subject to review by a Dogs on Deployment officer to ensure our program is being utilized as intended.
  • If any Pet Owner is found to be in violation of our Terms of Use or requirements, Dogs on Deployment reserves the right to contact and notify the Pet Owner's chain of command of any misrepresentation, fraud, or irresponsibility.


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Honey and I are here at the house. safe and sound. I have to get more food for her. She is doing well. Thank you all again. She will be getting..."

Dawn P (Silverdale, WA)

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